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As a leading surgical instruments manufacturer, we have unparalleled expertise in grinding and machining medical instruments that drill, fixate, and shape bone. We are an expert contract manufacturer that supports surgical suppliers, distributors, hospitals, dental offices, and surgical centers worldwide.

We understand the critical factors that impact tool performance and how our designs can reduce damage and heat during surgery. That’s why we work directly with customers on necessary design improvements so surgeons are equipped for any challenge.

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Surgical Instrument Grinding & Machining Services

We have the medical machining and grinding capabilities to create advanced surgical tools. Our resident experts can consult on designs so our customers can seek changes or improvements to a tool and its application. From medical instrument machining to customized assembly, we turn your vision into a reality. All of our solutions are proudly manufactured in the USA.


  • 5 & 6 Axis Grinding
  • CNC Mill & Turning
  • CNC Swiss Lathe
  • CNC Tool Grinding
  • Profiling & Bending
  • Customized Assembly

Fast Turnaround on Custom Medical Instrument Machining & Grinding.

Better Tool Design for Medical Solutions

Managing the heat that is produced during bone drilling is a common problem for medical professionals in the fields of orthopedic, dental, and neuro surgeries. Overheating the tissue within the bone can cause irreversible damage known as thermal osteonecrosis.

KSPT Medical understands how different tool designs interact with different types of bone and creates tools to match these applications. Successfully managing the relationships between the tool geometry, drilling conditions, cannulation, chip extraction and the properties of the bone allows surgical professionals to minimize the possibilities of thermal osteonecrosis.

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