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As a leading surgical instruments manufacturer, we have unparalleled expertise in grinding and machining medical instruments that drill, fixate, and shape bone. We are a respected contract manufacturer that supports surgical suppliers, distributors, hospitals, dental offices, and surgical centers worldwide.

KSPT Medical understands the critical factors that impact how tools perform and how their design can reduce damage and heat during surgery. That’s why we work directly with customers on any design improvements required so you have the surgical tools equipped for any challenge.

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Surgical Instruments

Our instruments are manufactured for durability and industry application, regardless of the task.

Drills, Taps, Implants, Abutments and Peripherals

KSPT Medical orthopedic bone drills are for multiple surgical applications. We manufacture drills with custom fluting pitches, point angles and various degrees of aggressiveness.

Implants with different fluting pitches and sizes can have multiple leads and thread forms available based on customer design.

Orthopedic bone reamers with tight tolerances for hole sizing are built to customer specifications.

We have extensive experience with helping our customers with tooth designs for hips, elbows and wrists.

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Specialist in Manufacturing Surgical Instruments

The process of drilling holes is very common in neuro, orthopedic, and dental practices. Cannulated drill bits are one of our specialties when overcoming the issues faced while drilling bone.

Bones have poor thermal conductivity, which makes them incredibly susceptible to heat damage since they struggle to dissipate heat. Damage like this can be a significant problem and can be permanent. Known as thermal osteonecrosis, this can result when excessively high tissue temperatures are reached.

The relationship between tool geometry, drilling conditions, chip removal, and bone structure presents a challenge in developing linear mathematical models to minimize osteonecrosis in bones. Generally, heat generated due to drilling is usually caused by two main factors: the cutting edge of the tool deforming bone material or friction between the tool and surface being cut.

The temperature generated during bone drilling depends upon various parameters such as drill diameter, drill rotational speed, axial drilling forces, cooling, and more. We specialize in creating custom tools that effectively cut bones of any density or structure.

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KSPT Medical Rises Above Other Surgical Instruments Manufacturers

KSPT Medical has over 20 years of industry experience producing customer designed orthopedic surgical instruments. KSPT Medical is one of the elite contract surgical instrument manufacturers that maintains their ISO 13485 and FDA registrations in the orthopedic marketplace.

As a division of KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools, KSPT Medical is an ISO 13485-registered leader that innovates world-class advanced cutting tool solutions serving more than 60 countries.